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Scanning Equipment

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High-performance Scanning, Duplicating And Processing Equipment & Software To Suit Every Preservation And Records Management Need

Microfilm. Microfiche. Aperture Card. Document. Book. Graphic Arts.
Large-format. Film. And More.

“From a products standpoint, The Crowley Company offers best of breed products that cover the front-end capture efforts for standard/oversized documents, large format documents, books, microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards…” – DPS Magazine, “Capture Tools” July 2009

The Crowley Company employee using Zeutschel scanning equipment


Avision Scanners

The Crowley Company is pleased to add Avision low-cost, high-speed document scanners to our product line in the United States and Canada. These document scanners are ideal for individuals, small offices or large offices with many work stations. Additionally, Avision offers high-quality portable scanners for those with mobile offices or records that need to be scanned on-site.

Experience and Value

One of the first firms in the capture industry, The Crowley Company (dba Crowley Micrographics) has embraced – and often shaped – changes in scanning and digitizing technology. Complemented by a full array of cutting-edge software, technical support and supplies, Crowley’s hardware division is well-respected as a one-stop, multi-vendor solution for a wide variety of advanced image conversion requirements.

Understanding that digital and analog scanning equipment represents a significant investment of an organization’s resources, The Crowley Company works with each client to ensure that the equipment desired fits the intended and projected use. Crowley’s goal is to provide digital and analog solutions which offer the highest return on investment for technology, operator ease and efficiency and overall production. Whenever possible, models are selected for their ability to be upgraded in the field, allowing clients to react quickly to industry innovations without having to start from scratch.

Digital Scanners

Three decades of expertise are manifested in a high-end line of self-manufactured Mekel Technology and Wicks and Wilson production microfilm, microfiche, microform reader-printers and aperture card scanners. Crowley is also a North American distributor for Avision and InoTec document scanners; and Qidenus and Zeutschel manual and robotic book/large-format scanners.

Workflow And Image Quality Software

Each scanner is delivered with custom software designed for maximum productivity of the basic unit. Additional content management and image processing software is available to take these units beyond their basic capabilities. In-house software engineers are continually working on upgrades, which are typically offered at no cost throughout the current version of the purchased software. These experts are also available to help transition a new scanner into a client’s existing IT framework. Click here for a full list of software, including Certifi-Media, Digitech, Zeutschel’s PerfectBook and Mekel’s Quantum.

Analog Capture

Staying true to our roots, The Crowley Company believes that long-term preservation is best-satisfied through micrographics. The demand for analog equipment and services is stable and will remain healthy as long as there is history and records to preserve. To serve this market, Crowley continues to manufacture and distribute Extek and HF Processors microfilm duplicating and microfilm processing systems and to distribute IMAGELINK, Zeutschel and Micrographics Data archive writers.

Purchase Options

In addition to direct purchase, The Crowley Company offers leasing and trade-in options on most scanning hardware.

Used Equipment Caution

Although purchasing used Crowley-manufactured equipment from a third-party vendor may seem like a good deal, there are several hidden risks that should be considered. Read here to find out the facts, or contact Matt McCabe at (240) 215-0224 for information on previously-owned Mekel Technology and Wicks and Wilson scanners, offered on an ‘as available basis’ through The Crowley Company.

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