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Extek Microsystems

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Four Decades Of Providing Custom-Made Microfilm Cameras And Film Duplicators

An Extek Microsystem custom microfilm camera


Avision Scanners

The Crowley Company is pleased to add Avision low-cost, high-speed document scanners to our product line in the United States and Canada. These document scanners are ideal for individuals, small offices or large offices with many work stations. Additionally, Avision offers high-quality portable scanners for those with mobile offices or records that need to be scanned on-site.

Established in 1969 and purchased by The Crowley Company in 2003, Extek Microsystems has placed thousands of products in virtually every country in the world. Extek roll film duplicators and fiche cameras provide archiving and sharing solutions to business and to all levels of government and their service providers. A large number of options, developed over decades, allow for task-specific customizing.

Parts & Supplies

Densitometers, fiche cutters and film cleaners are included in the Extek line of accessories. For more information on the supplies and accessories available, contact us.

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