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A True Multi-Vendor Solution:
The Crowley Company Distributes, Manufactures And Scans


Avision Scanners

The Crowley Company is pleased to add Avision low-cost, high-speed document scanners to our product line in the United States and Canada. These document scanners are ideal for individuals, small offices or large offices with many work stations. Additionally, Avision offers high-quality portable scanners for those with mobile offices or records that need to be scanned on-site.

With the 2003 purchases of Mekel Technology, Extek Microsystems and HF Processors, The Crowley Company added the role of manufacturer as a natural extension of the distribution and service bureau arms of the company. In 2011, Crowley became an international manufacturer with the purchase of Wicks and Wilson Limited, one of the firm's primary competitors. In addition to deepening commitment to the digital archives market, these investments have allowed Crowley to better support clients through increased technical knowledge, increased physical and proprietary resources and a greatly expanded worldwide distribution network. For more than three decades, Crowley has been – and continues to be – an industry leader in engineering innovative capture equipment and software solutions. Examples of Crowley origination are numerous and include, most recently, the release of Quantum software for the Mekel MACH series microfilm strip scanners, vastly increasing production levels, and the UScan universal scanner which has changed the face of the scanner/viewer/printer on-demand market.

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