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IMAGELINK RA-2 microfilm


Avision Scanners

The Crowley Company is pleased to add Avision low-cost, high-speed document scanners to our product line in the United States and Canada. These document scanners are ideal for individuals, small offices or large offices with many work stations. Additionally, Avision offers high-quality portable scanners for those with mobile offices or records that need to be scanned on-site.

Today's technology makes it possible to take advantage of both microfilm and digital images, providing the fast access and convenient distribution needed in today’s networked world while still preserving the past indefinitely. IMAGELINK microfilms, previously branded as Kodak and AGFA, offer unequalled performance, handling and digital-ready images. All silver microfilm meets ISO LE 500 specifications for capturing and storing images of permanent value.  Film types include:

Reference Archive Media

RA Microfilm Data sheet

Reference Archive  Media

IMAGELINK Reference Archive Media has been specially formulated for use in the IMAGELINK 9600 Archive Writer Series to provide quality reference archives of digital images.

The high-resolution, archival-quality images are easily re-digitized for online access and retrieval to provide short-term validation and long-term storage of records. This media provides clear, high-contrast, and sharp images that can be distributed according to needs as hard-copy output, faxes, or e-mail attachments, or posted to an image server using your current compression scheme.

Source Document Microfilms

HD Microfilm Data sheet

IMAGELINK HQ Microfilm 1461, 2461 (ESTAR Base), 3461 (ESTAR Thin Base)

Source Document  MicrofilmsHQ microfilms give you medium speed, ultra-fine resolution images in rotary and planetary equipment. They're optimized for electronic imaging integration. With this film you'll see outstanding image quality at high reductions, such as engineering drawings, architectural renderings, books and newspapers. It also gives you
excellent results in equipment used for microfilming general business documents.

IMAGELINK FS Microfilm 1455, 3455 (ESTAR Thin Base)

FS microfilm is your ideal choice for producing high quality images in high-speed proof encoders, camera sorters and rotary microfilmers. It provides superior archival image storage to complement digital image use.

Silver Duplicating Films

Silver Duplicating Films

IMAGELINK Pos Duplicating Microfilm (Estar Base)

IMAGELINK Pos duplicating microfilms are micro-fine grain, silver reverse image films used for making contact prints from camera microfilms and duplicate microfilms in microfiche and roll-film applications. Silver duplicating films have a life expectancy of 500 years (LE-500) when processed and stored properly.

IMAGELINK Direct Duplicating Microfilm (Estar Base), Direct Intermediate Microfilm 2470 (Estar Base)

IMAGELINK direct duplicating microfilms are micro-fine grain, silver, direct-image films developed for making contact prints from camera microfilms and duplicate microfilms. Use direct duplicating film for your microfiche and roll-film applications; and 2470 for making intermediate direct-image contact prints. Silver duplicating films have a life expectancy of 500 years (LE-500) when processed and stored properly.

Non-Silver Duplicating Films

IMAGELINK Diazo C Microfilm 1957, 2957, 3957

Non-Silver Duplicating FilmsIMAGELINK diazo C Microfilm is a fast-speed, non-silver print film. Use it to generate direct-duplicating copies in fiche or roll form, from silver or reprintable diazo films. Other typical uses include producing negative-appearing copies from negative-appearing computer-output microfilm originals and duplicating copies of source documents, engineering drawings, and continuous-tone negatives. IMAGELINK diazo C Microfilm is formulated to produce a blue-dye image offering high visual contrast on a reader.

IMAGELINK Diazo D Microfilm 1956, 2956, 3956

IMAGELINK diazo D Microfilm is formulated to produce a neutral-black background. The dyes offer high visual contrast for viewing and making next-generation prints.

IMAGELINK Thermal Print Film KF 1353/2353

IMAGELINK thermal print films are suitable for generating distribution copies (usually negative-appearing) in fiche or roll format i.e. clear lines with dark background made from positive-appearing, computer output microfilms (COM) or other camera original films. Reversed-polarity prints can also be made from other microfilm images. A title stripe, if used, facilitates fiche identification.

Life Expectancy of 100 years (LE-100) for non-silver duplicating films diazo and thermal print film.

COM Microfilms

COM Microfilms

Auto-reversal COM films use environmentally-friendly low replenishment rate standard process photochemicals. IMAGELINK COM DR Film 2467 and IMAGELINK Ecopos 305 feature clear bright headers, sharp characters and high visual contrast for wet roll-format COM output. They are specifically designed for CRT-technology imaging and typically require deep-tank processing.

These films are slow speed with direct reversing emulsion that is blue-green sensitive with high spectral sensitivity in the 430 to 550 nm range.

Product applications:

IMAGELINK COM DR Microfilm 2467 and IMAGELINK Ecopos 305 are designed for use in blue phosphorous CRT (cathode ray tube) type computer output microfilmers (COMs). These devices photograph data displayed electronically rather than from printed documents. The IMAGELINK COM Microfilms are "drop-in" compatible with roll film COM equipment such as DatagraphiX 4500, XR, 3M Beta COM; and graphic COMs such as the III Cal Comp. IMAGELINK COM DR Microfilm 2467 and IMAGELINK Ecopos 305 Microfilm require only conventional processing, and does NOT require the use of a "full reversal" processing system, which uses dichromate bleach.

Drop in capability with low printing density and anti-static backing.

Microfilm Storage

Microfilm StorageIMAGELINK film file cabinets are an efficient way to keep your 16mm or 35mm film sorted and ordered for quick retrieval. They are available in a 10-drawer model, providing maximum storage in minimum space. You also have a choice of 14 colors to blend with any office décor.

  • All welded steel for years of service
  • Full-extension ball bearing slides
  • Four adjustable/removable partitions per drawer
  • One compressor per drawer
  • Four leveling glides
  • Fully lockable
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