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Document, Book And Large-Format Imaging Systems

A large format document, book and imaging system by Zeutschel A montage of Zeutschel scanning equipment


Avision Scanners

The Crowley Company is pleased to add Avision low-cost, high-speed document scanners to our product line in the United States and Canada. These document scanners are ideal for individuals, small offices or large offices with many work stations. Additionally, Avision offers high-quality portable scanners for those with mobile offices or records that need to be scanned on-site.

For over 20 years, the Crowley organization has been the exclusive distributor of Zeutschel products in North America. Known worldwide as a leading specialist in digital and analog storage systems, Zeutschel develops and manufactures state-of-the-art scanning technologies in Tübingen, Germany. Equipment offerings include: book, overhead, large-format, color and grayscale scanners; book copiers; book cradles; scanning tables; archive writers; microfilm cameras and exposure systems; and capturing and editing software.

Zeutschel Logo

Perfect Book 3D scan technology

OS QM-Tool

Zeutschel is also the OEM-supplier of Crowley’s Mekel Technology microfilm and microfiche scanners in the Euro-zone, where they are branded as the Zeutschel OM series.

Case Studies

Two Zeutschel scanners received gold and silver awards in the inaugural Modern Library Awards (MLA's). Read more.

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