Magnificent scans! Really beautiful. The early volumes with illustrations are just perfect. Magic.

- William Rubel, Trustee, Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery

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Case Studies in Archival PresentationSince 1986, when then-named Crowley Micrographics reached beyond the sale of front-end capture equipment and first offered conversion services, Crowley Imaging has developed into a production-level service bureau with an excellent reputation for customer care, high-quality imaging and custom solution creativity. From aperture card, bound book, graphic arts, microfilm and microfiche scanning to document imaging and micrographics (film writing, processing, and duplication), Crowley Imaging has proven that if it can be seen, it can be scanned.

The following case studies represent details on a sampling of Crowley’s imaging work. If you are interested in an application that is not found below, please review the partial client list or contact us at 240-215-0224.

Case Studies

Harvard Divinity School Andover-Harvard Theological Library

Project: Digitized Records of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)
Primary media: Documents (handwritten, onion-skin, printed); photographs
Volume: Approximately 300,000 images

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Time Inc.

Project: LIFE Photo Archive
Primary media: Photographic negatives
Volume: Approximately 10M images

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The Smithsonian Archives of American Art

Project: A combination of capture hardware and digitization services for various collections in the world’s largest repository of American art history
Primary media: Print, photographic and other media
Volume: 1.5M+ images

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The Carroll County (Md.) Public Library

Project: Digitization of the Carroll County Times newspaper (1933-2009) for hosting to an online archive
Primary media: Microfilm
Volume: 300,000+ images

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George Washington and Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Libraries

Projects: Digitization of historic Presidential records for preservation and online access
Primary media: Microfilm; Bound volumes
Volume: 350,000+ images

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Card Catalog Digitization

Project: Digitization of paper documents of varying age, size and density
Primary media: Archival documents and cards dating from 1800’s
Volume: 40 million documents in less than four years

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Quick Studies

Society for the Preservation of Hebrew Books

Project: Rare works collection (friedberg/Ryzman)
Primary media: Bound Books
Volume: Approximately 1M images

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Daughters of the American Revolution

Project: Digitization of membership records
Primary media: Bound-book, loose sheet and microfiche
Volume: 1.2M images

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Maryland Historical Society

Project: The Hilgenberg Archive
Primary media: Bound-book and loose sheet newspapers and 35mm microfilm
Volume: Approximately 50,000 pages/images

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Chancery Records Index

Project: Converting historical content from the 19 localities in Virginia to include Chancery Cases and related documentation.
Primary Media: Court papers
Volume: 3M+ images

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SmallTownPapers, Inc.

Project: Digitize a portion of archives dating back more than 80 years.
Primary Media: Bound-books
Volume: More than 2M pages

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