Modern microfilm technology is still the first choice for long-term archive storage.

- HERRMANN und KRAEMER, imaging and archiving specialists in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Microfilm Creation and Duplication

Microfilm Products: Analog Micrographic Equipment

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The Leader in Microfilm Products

The Crowley Company manufactures and distributes a wide range of analog equipment required for archiving records on microfilm. Microfilm products include archive writers and processor, microfilm duplicators and cameras. Manufactured brands include Extek Microsystems and HF Processors. Distributed brands include Zeutschel and IMAGELINK.

Whether you need microfilm scanning services, creation, or duplication, The Crowley Company combines cutting-edge technology with a commitment to service.

Why Microfilm?

As a medium, microfilm is too often perceived as outdated – consigned to irrelevance due to the ubiquity of the internet and the new accessibility of modern data. The reality, though, is that microfilm is still arguably the most effective medium for accomplishing what it was designed to do: preserve information.

Simply put, microfilm lasts. Conversely, many digital forms of information are designed for current consumption, with little thought put into their longterm preservation. Take your photos on the cloud, for example. They’re available whenever you want to see them – as long as you maintain your account and storage. Do you plan on doing that for 50 years? For 200 years? When your account isn’t active, will your photos and information still exist?

Microfilm is made for the longterm, which is why it’s still the medium of choice for preservation of meaningful historical information. In 200 years, the photos on your phone may no longer exist, but the photos preserved via microfilm almost certainly will.

Our cutting-edge products enable the creation, duplication, and viewing of microfilm. Microfilm is a medium designed to last, and our products are, too. That’s why we stand behind their quality and capabilities.

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