Modern microfilm technology is still the first choice for long-term archive storage.

- HERRMANN und KRAEMER, imaging and archiving specialists in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Microfilm Creation and Duplication

Analog Micrographic Equipment

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Zeutschel OP 600 Archive Writer

Archive Writers

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Mini Lab Mas | Film Processing Hardware

Archive Processors

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Extek 5441 Microfilm Duplication and Scanning

Microfilm Duplicators

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Zeutschel OK 400 Microfilm and Microfiche Scanners

Microfilm Cameras

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The Crowley Company manufactures and distributes a wide range of analog equipment required for archiving records on microfilm. Products include archive writers and processor, microfilm duplicators and cameras. Manufactured brands include Extek Microsystems and HF Processors. Distributed brands include Zeutschel and IMAGELINK.