Modern microfilm technology is still the first choice for long-term archive storage.

- HERRMANN und KRAEMER, imaging and archiving specialists in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

HF Microfilm Processing Equipment

MiniLabMaster 200NPDS

Dual Strand – 16/35 MM – 0-40 FPM

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HF 200NPDS Film ProcessorThe Crowley Company’s HF MiniLabMaster™ 200NPDS provides complete film processing control, including microprocessor temperature controllers and digital speed readout.

Key Features:

  • Automatic replenishment system mixes and replenishes chemistry, eliminating guesswork, enhancing film quality and improving economy
  • Use of any high-quality, off-the-shelf concentrate, eliminating the need for high-cost pre- mixed chemistry
  • Adjustable film speed – 0 to 20 FPM (0 to 6.1 m/min). Provides the ability to achieve desired film density for optimum film quality and throughput
  • Durable 316L stainless steel construction
  • Outstanding performance-to-price ratio with progressive design features found in much larger, expensive processors. Boost your processing capacity at significantly lower cost per roll
  • Utilizes proven technology; in use worldwide


Film Type: Black & White
Process: Conventional negative
Film Sizes: 16/35 mm (dual strand)
Operation: Daylight
Output (Adjustable): 0-20 FPM (0-6.1 m/min) EACH STRAND
Construction: 316L stainless steel
Power: 115/120V, 60Hz, 20A
220/240V, 50Hz, 10A
Water/Drain: 2 gpm @ 15 psi (7.6liter/min @1.1kg/cm2)
Dryer: Full impingement heating with filtered air
Take-Up: 1200’ reel (10″ Diameter)
Dimensions: Width: 41 in (1041mm)
Depth: 19.5 in (495 mm)
Height: 58.25 in (1480 mm)
Recirculation/Filtration: Developer and fixer
Tank Sequence: Capacity in (x 2) ft/gal (m/liters)
Developer 8/3 (2.4/11)
Rinse 4/1.5 (2.2/5.7)
Fixer 1 4/1.5 (2.2/5.7)
Fixer 2 (counter-current) 4/1.5 (2.2/5.7)
Washer 12/4.5 (3.7/17)
Dryer 11/- (3.4/-)

Standard Equipment:

  • Hose kit
  • Water solenoid bypass
  • 1200’ load and take-up reels
  • Daylight film magazine with leader
  • Automatic mix and replenishment system
  • Variable speed and microprocessor temperature controls
  • Operations and maintenance manuals with illustrated parts list
  • Twin digital speed readouts

Optional Accessories:

  • Spare parts kit
  • Silver recovery unit
  • Daylight loader and adapter

Specifications subject to change without notice