Two factors led us to select Mekel Technology scanners for [our] project: the ease of use and the almost non-existent learning curve for our employees. When we factored that in with the power of the Quantum software, it was an easy decision.

- Ryan Candela, Project Manager, Mountain States Imaging

Mekel Microfilm Scanners
MACH Scanning Equipment

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Superior Image Quality at High Scanning Speeds

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Mekel MACH12 Microfilm Scanner

MACH Microfilm

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Mekel MACH7 Microfiche Scanner

MACH Microfiche

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Mekel MACH1 ACS Aperture Card Scanner

MACH Aperture
Card Scanner

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MACH2+  Universal Microform Scanner (now sold as UScan+)

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Since introducing the first microfilm scanner to the world in 1989, Mekel Technology has offered the most advanced roll film, microfiche and aperture card scanning systems on the market today. To meet the variety and volume of scanning needs in the market, the company has also introduced a universal microform scanner and continues to stay abreast of, and to create, changes and updates in the imaging industry. Designed to handle 16mm and 35mm microfilm and various microfiche and jacket formats, Mekel Technology scanners create superior image quality at high scan speeds.

Service bureaus, service providers, institutions, government agencies and corporations with the need to accurately digitize varying volumes of archive material have made Mekel products the premium digital imaging scanner choice for over three decades. Since 2003, Mekel Technology has been owned and operated by The Crowley Company and became Crowley’s first manufacturing division.


Mekel Technology production-level roll film and microfiche scanners are powered by proprietary Quantum scanning and processing software.


Hardware and software upgrades are easily conducted on Mekel Technology microfilm and microfiche scanners. Learn more. 

Hybrid Approach

Crowley’s exclusive hybrid approach to microform scanning allows clients to outsource the digitization to Crowley Imaging and process the images in-house with QuantumProcess software. Learn more.