Scanstation 8800-Series Roll Film Microfilm Scanners

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16mm and 35mm Microfilm Rolls

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Wicks and Wilson 8820

Originally designed by Wicks and Wilson and now manufactured by The Crowley Company, the Scanstation 8800-series microfilm scanners feature the latest in digitization and image processing technology. The 8800-series scanners automatically capture high-quality grayscale and bitonal images from 35mm or 16mm microfilm. The illumination and optical path, advanced new camera system and unique image processing algorithms provide excellent imaging results from all types and formats of roll film.


  • NVIDIA-based image processing with custom microfilm imaging algorithms
  • Instant on-screen display, providing a real-time view which eliminates the need to rescan
  • Full compatibility with Virtual Scanstation – the custom off-line QA tool that dramatically enhances workflow, accuracy and productivity
  • Automated image location, using up to four levels of blip codes or document edges
  • A custom-designed lens, offering greater resolving power across all film types
  • A holographic diffuser in the 8800-series’ distinctive illumination system for superior results from every scan
  • Microfilm image processing tools for consistent image results, including intelligent thresholding, gamma correction and auto white balance
  • A project set-up feature, allowing all imaging and scanning settings to be recorded and saved for future projects

The Scanstation 8800-series scans microfilm with ease

8800-series microfilm scanner operation chart





















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