Zeutschel Large-format Flatbed Scanners

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Zeutschel Flatbed Scanners


The Crowley Company, a trusted longtime distributor for Zeutschel GmbH, now includes two high-resolution large-format flatbed scanners to their diverse line of Zeutschel capture products.

The Zeutschel flatbed scanners offer museums, government agencies, utility companies, libraries and others with A0 and A1 flat media an option for high-resolution, large-format image capture.

Key features of the Zeutschel A1 and A0 flatbed scanners include:

  • Captures full, unstitched high-resolution images
  • Excellent for large maps, fabrics, 3D materials and more
  • Deep depth-of-field
  • Adjustable dual white LEDs for shadowless scans
  • Gigabit ethernet interface for PC connection
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Optional foot pedal for production efficiency

Zeutschel FB1 Flatbed Scanner

  • Capture media up to A1 sizes (609.6 x 914.4 mm)
  • Up to 1600 dpi scan resolution
  • High-speed scans of 17.5 seconds at 400 dpi

Zeutschel FB0 Flatbed Scanner

  • Capture media up to A0 sizes (1270 x 920 mm)
  • Up to 2000 dpi scan resolution
  • High-speed scans of 17 seconds at 300 dpi

Software Options


  • Professional Image Editing & Stitching software

KB-Copy Ver2

  • Easy Scan2File and Scan2Copy software
    including Zoom option

What Zeutschel large-format scanner best fits your collection?

Call your Crowley representative or click here to request a comparison between the Zeutschel FB A0 and the Zeutschel OS Q scanners and see what solution will best fit your needs.