I love the OP500. It has saved a lot of time for me compared to the old microfilm cameras. I scan my images first and then write them on the archive writer. I recommend it highly.

- Ada Mason, Palm Beach County Engineering

Zeutschel Archive Writer

OP-Series Archive Writers

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Zeutschel OP 600 Archive WriterSave digital data to microfilm easily and quickly with the latest generation of Zeutschel archive writers for long-term archiving of especially valuable artwork and documents. The OP 600 and OP 700 are universal systems for all types and sizes of documents which produce microfilm in accordance to the International Microfilm Standard with a minimum resolution of 120 lp/mm.

Key Features:

  • Easy operation
  • Converts all types of digital data – even that larger than A0 – easily and automatically to 35mm and/or 16mm roll-film
  • Maximum 236 megapixel optical resolution (OP 700)
  • All native digital data and digitized data including all standard file formats in B&W, grayscale and color (ie: TIFF, TIFF LZW, JPG, JPG 2000, PDF, BMP, JPM, GIF, CAD-files, CAD, e-mail, Microsoft Word, Excel files and more)
  • 16/35mm roll film, landscape and portrait
  • Optical resolution: 132 mp (OP 600); 236 mp (OP 700)
    • A4: 900 dpi   (OP 600); 1200 dpi  (OP 700)
    • A3: 600 dpi   (OP 600); 900 dpi   (OP 700)
    • A2: 400 dpi   (OP 600); 600 dpi   (OP700)
    • A1: 300+ dpi (OP 600); 400+ dpi (OP 700)
    • A0: 200+ dpi (OP 600); 300+ dpi (OP 700)
  • High production speed (1200 – 3100 pages/hour based on image size and dpi variables)
  • Image processing: Integrated color management conforming to ICC standards
  • Wide range of image processing tools for perfect file conversion in batch mode
  • Can record in full-frame, duplex, duo and multi-frame
  • 3-way blip capable
  • Able to imprint metadata and film index