With the ability to not only digitize the cards quickly on demand, directly distribute via e-mail or just send direct to scaled print, the scanner‘s powerful image processing tools have allowed the engineers to easily view and manage the drawings in digital form.

- The Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight case study

Wicks and Wilson Aperture Card Scanners

Aperture Card Scanners for Digital Scanning

Turn Aperture Cards into Easily Accessed Digital Images

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WWL C400 Aperture Card Scanner

C400 Aperture Card Scanner*

  • Batch scanning at speeds of up to 300 cards/hour
  • 150 card automated feed hopper for unattended batch scanning
  • Automatic Hollerith (punch) data entry

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Wicks and Wilson C Drive X Aperture Card Scanner

C Drive X Aperture Card Scanner

  • On-demand scanning of single
    aperture cards at speeds of up to 10 seconds/scan
  • Manual Hollerith (punch) data entry
  • Affordable model, compact size

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cs500-scanstation Aperture Card Scanner

CS500 Scanstation

Due to technological advances, the Wicks and Wilson CS500 aperture card scanner is no longer in production. Replacement products include:

cs750-scanstation Aperture Card Scanner

CS750 Scanstation

  • 600 dpi scanner including
  • 750 cards per hour (200 dpi, bitonal,
    A2/C size)
  • 500 card input and output hoppers
  • 150 card review and reject

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The Crowley Company manufactures the Wicks and Wilson C-Series and CS-Series aperture card scanners, designed to quickly and easily converting microfilm aperture cards to digital image data. Whether requirements dictate on-demand or batch scanning, the C-series and CS-series offer a solution for fast, efficient digitization.

Mekel*The Wicks and Wilson C400 aperture card scanner is also OEM’d under the Mekel Technology brand as the MACH1 ACS.