With the ability to not only digitize the cards quickly on demand, directly distribute via e-mail or just send direct to scaled print, the scanner‘s powerful image processing tools have allowed the engineers to easily view and manage the drawings in digital form.

- The Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight case study

Aperture Card Scanners for Digital Scanning

Turn Aperture Cards into Easily Accessed Digital Images

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WWL C400 Aperture Card Scanner

wwl C400 Aperture Card Scanner*

  • Batch scanning at speeds of up to 300 cards/hour
  • 150 card automated feed hopper for unattended batch scanning
  • Automatic Hollerith (punch) data entry

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Wicks and Wilson C Drive X Aperture Card Scanner

wwl C Drive X Aperture Card Scanner

  • On-demand scanning of single
    aperture cards at speeds of up to 10 seconds/scan
  • Manual Hollerith (punch) data entry
  • Affordable model, compact size

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Mekel MACH7

Mekel MACH-series microfiche/aperture card scanners

  • Scans all standard aperture cards and microfiche types
  • Up to 600 dpi true optical resolution
  • Digitizes up to four aperture cards per minute
  • Optional automatic aperture card loader

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UScan universal film scanner with awards

Crowley Uscan+ Uf-series universal microform scanners

  • Industry-high 18 megapixel active pixel area array sensor
  • Scans aperture cards, 16/35mm microfilm, microfiche, photos, slides, and more
  • Up to 2400 dpi resolution
  • Output to network, file save, USB, print, Cloud, Google Docs and CD/DVD

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The Crowley Company manufactures the Wicks and Wilson C-Series, Mekel Technology MACH-Series and the Crowley UScan+ UF-series aperture card scanners  which are designed to quickly and easily convert microfilm aperture cards to digital image data. Whether requirements dictate on-demand or batch scanning, Crowley has a solution for fast, efficient digitization.

Mekel*The Wicks and Wilson C400 aperture card scanner is also OEM’d under the Mekel Technology brand as the MACH1 ACS.