Archive Processors

Analog Scanners for Microfilm Processing and Preservation

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Mini Lab Master Film Processing

HF Processors

For more than 50 years, HF Processors has offered unprecedented film processing accuracy and durability in microfilm, motion picture and photo labs worldwide. Today’s HF Processors equipment, now manufactured by The Crowley Company, combines microfilm processor controls with time-tested materials and design features.

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Archive Processing Equipment

IMAGELINK Archive Processor

The IMAGELINK Archive Processor, distributed by The Crowley Company in the U.S., is designed specifically to optimize and preserve IMAGELINK-brand microfilm. This easy-to-use tabletop unit comes with all you need to preserve your vital records on archival microfilm for decades – even centuries – to come.

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To produce optimum quality microfilm that will stand the test of time – up to 500 years if properly stored – process and finalize your recently-written microfilm with a high-precision archive processor.