The MACHCAM was chosen for its high-quality 71 megapixel real-time image capture, making it an ideal choice for the imaging of high resolution identity and financial documents.

- Joe Wilkinson, President, ID Scientific

TrueImage M1000 Document Examination Platform

Advanced Imaging for Document Authentication

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TrueImage M1000 Document Examination Platform

The TrueImage M1000 is manufactured by The Crowley Company and utilizes the MACHCAM 71 for second-level document investigation

In partnership with ID Scientific, The Crowley Company has engineered and manufactured the just-released TrueImage M1000, an advanced imaging device for document authentication utilizing the MACHCAM 71.

Industry Use Cases

  • Government
  • Financial/Banking
  • Gaming/Entertainment
  • Retail/Commercial

Document TypesImage detail from TrueImage M1000

  • Currency
  • Passport
  • CR80 (personal ID)
  • More…

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