I’m a historian, not a digitization expert, but I’ve become one out of necessity. Wading into a high-end niche, I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on the wrong thing…Overall, we are very satisfied that the Zeutschels are meeting our needs.

- Daniel W. Stowell, Director and Editor, The Papers of Abraham Lincoln

Zeutschel Microfilm Cameras

Microfilm Cameras

Microfilm Scanning Equipment for Universal Applications

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OK 400-401 Microfilm CameraThe Omnia OK 400/401 is an intelligent microfilm camera system for universal applications, allowing even the most difficult of originals to be simply and conveniently scanned.

Key Features:

  • Simple, clearly structured operation
  • User-friendly menu guidance
  • Internal diagnostics
  • Remote maintenance
  • Cold-light illumination
  • Continuous factor selection
  • “Intelligent” Zeutschel book cradle
  • High productivity
  • High production reliability