At MSA, we believe we are in the forefront of digitizing records and making them available online. We have over 300,000 rolls of microfilm. We…switched to the Mekel scanners several years ago because they could handle all our requirements, especially duplex film in cine mode. We have found the throughput better and our quality control process improved with the Quantum processing software.

- Timothy Baker, Acting State Archivist, Maryland State Archives

Microfilm Scanners

Industry-leading Patron and Production Microfilm Scanners

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Mekel MACH12 Microfilm Scanners 16mm microfilm and more

Mekel MACH-Series
Microfilm Scanners

Production Scanners

  • Scans 16/35mm 100’, 215’ or 1000’ microfilm (standard)
  • Up to 750 dpi true optical resolution
  • Scan speeds up to 1400 images per minute
  • Quantum Scan and Process software

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Crowley MACH Mini

NEW! Space-saving Production Scanners

  • Scans 16/35mm 100′ and 215′ open spools and cartridges 
  • 350 IPM – stack for maximum productivity!
  • Up to 600 dpi true optical resolution
  • Uses Quantum Scan and Process software

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Wicks and Wilson 8850

WWL 8800-Series

Production Scanners

  • Scans 16/35mm 100′, 215′ microfilm (standard), 1000′ microfilm (optional)
  • Up to 600 dpi true optical resolution
  • Scan speeds up to 350 images per minute
  • Virtual Scanstation QA software

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microfilm scanners

Crowley UScan+ UF-Series
Universal Film Scanners

Patron Scanners

  • 18 MP Image Sensor 
  • Scans 16/35mm microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, photo slides and negatives, and more
  • Up to 2400 dpi resolution
  • USB 3.0 interface

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Scanners for 16MM Microfilm, 35MM Microfilm and More

Production Scanners (High-Volume)

Designed for non-stop/unattended batch and back-file digitization from all sizes and types of microfilm with a dedicated operator. Extensive capture, editing and post-processing options.

Patron Scanners (Walk-Up)

For simple on-demand single-/multi-image capture or low-volume batch scanning suitable for walk-up or research-focused patron use.

Reference Archive Scanner (Search and Retrieve)

The MACH 7380HDX (not pictured above). For single-/multi-image and batch scanning from reference microfilm (also known as image marker or blip microfilm). Ideal for daily search and retrieve operations.

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