At the risk of reproducing every cliché in the book about German manufacturing, there is little question that InoTec’s SCAMAX devices are designed and built to take everything that the modern capture environment could throw at them, and more. These are serious scanners for serious scanning operations.

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Inotec Scanning Software

InoTec SCAMAX Scan+ Image Processing Software

For 24/7 Document Scanning

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Document Scanning SoftwareSCAMAX® scan+ software enables the InoTec SCAMAX® document scanners to work non-stop with superior image processing features in an easy-to-use format.

Key Features:

  • Capability to process up to three images from one document simultaneously (color, black and white, grayscale)
  • A full range of scanning and editing tools
  • A clear menu similar to standard office programs for a reduced learning curve
  • Time-controlled batch finishing
  • Barcode and text recognition
  • Digital signatures to indicate compliance