The Quantum processing software is incredible. On our COM fiche conversion project, we scan 200 fiche per day, per machine on-site. The Mekel scanners process better and faster than our former scanners because we don’t need a server attached to each machine…This is a tremendous competitive advantage for our company.

- Ryan Candela, Project Manager, Mountain States Imaging

Mekel scanning software

Quantum Scanning & Processing Software

Roll film. Ribbon scan. Strip scan. Complete capture.

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Operating alongside the MACH-series production microfilm and microfiche scanners is Mekel Technology’s Quantum software. No matter what the technology is called, when it comes to full-roll ribbon or full-fiche scanning, QuantumScan and QuantumProcess technologies offer superior image capture, quality, processing and savings benefits.
Mekel Technology - scanning software

Key Features:
scanning microfilm

  • NEW! OCR title naming from title bar or title image recognition for increased accuracy and time savings
  • NEW! Optical character recognition (all models except MACH 6)
  • NEW! Windows 10 support
  • Increased operator production
    • Scan at full-rated speeds without operator intervention
    • Share quality assurance tasks with multiple operators
    • Drive multiple MACH-series scanners (film and/or fiche) with a single operator
  • Reduced microform scanning costs
    • Never search for lost images
    • Eliminate the need to rescan
  • Guaranteed 100% image capture
  • Optimum image quality
  • Currently operates on Windows 7 and 10 (not recommended for Windows 8/8.1)


scanning microfilm

for microform features:

  • NEW! Serpentine scanning (microfiche models only)
  • NEW! Enhanced aperture card capture (MACH7 only)
  • Automatic frame detection
  • Speed
  • Optimum resolution
  • Template options
  • Image quality settings
  • Advanced focus option
  • Pre-scan testing
  • Multiple ribbon output options
  • Advanced frame detection
  • Easy transfer
  • Easy workflow integration

  microfilm and fiche features

for microfilm and fiche features:

  • Enhanced aperture
  • Batch processing
  • Strip zoom capability
  • Editing toolkit
  • Fixed grid frame replication
  • Blip removal
  • Irregular frame flag
  • Custom processing
  • Multiple output options
  • Easy workflow integration
  • Image enhancement
  • File-naming features
  • Auto-split and book mode
  • “Go To” command
  • Re-detect frames

Hybrid Approach

Crowley’s exclusive hybrid approach to microform scanning allows clients to outsource the digitization to Crowley Imaging and process the images in-house with QuantumProcess software. Learn more.