My Wicks and Wilsons have, or still do, run without any maintenance cost or repair. They just keep running.

- Tom Tryniski, Creator and Project Manager, Old Fulton New York Post Cards

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Microfilm and Microform Scanning SoftwareThe Wicks and Wilson (WWL) Virtual Scanstation software is a comprehensive productivity tool that enables 100% quality assurance (QA) inspection and image re-processing without the need to interrupt production scanning to rescan the microfilm. Fully compatible with the WWL 8800-Series Scanstation and 7700-Series Scanstation, Virtual Scanstation software is a scalable solution that enables the speed of the scanner to be maximized at all times, while the throughput of the QA process can be adjusted quickly and easily according to demand.

Key Features:

  • Off-line architecture enables 100% image QA without impacting throughput
  • Capture a digital archive of the entire microfilm or microfiche – never miss an image
  • Virtual rescan feature enables image adjustment without rescanning the film or fiche
  • Framing tools insert missing pages
  • Easily integrates with existing workflow software