The Zeutschel scanners were a major contributing factor in [our] highly successful initiative for digitizing archival collections in their entirety.

- Barbara Aikens, Chief, Collections Processing, The Smithsonian Archives of American Art

Zeutschel Document Scanning Software

Scanning Software Solutions for Capture, QA, and Workflow

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OS12 Document Capturing SoftwareCombine Zeutschel’s archive-quality capture hardware with high-performance software for impeccable digital images. The Crowley Company offers a full suite of Zeutschel software solutions for capture, quality analysis (QA), workflow and document delivery.

Capture Software

  • Omniscan (OS) 12 – Zeutschel high-performance book scanners are equipped with powerful OmniScan software for outstanding image data
    • Simple management of scanning jobs
    • Parallel image editing/saving and capture of metadata during the scanning process with no loss of speed thanks to multithreading
    • 64-bit technology for fast batch-processing
    • Flexible file-saving in the widest variety of file formats
  •  Perfect Book 3D – Innovative image processing tools and an automatic book curve correction delivers a perfect reproduction of images in record time

Quality Analysis Software

  • OS QM-Tool –analyze almost all relevant quality characteristics through the analysis of a single scan and evaluate those characteristics on the basis of selectable standards, all within seconds

Workflow Solutions

  • Kitodo – an open source software for mapping digitization projects from planning to scanning to presentation
  • HERMES Digital – a server-based software solution with intuitive web interface for semi-automatic capture, administration, processing and distribution, and for automatic document delivery