Even with the original installation there was very little training needed because of the [Mekel] ease of use. We have been using the equipment for two years without any issues.

- Ryan Ivie, Conversion Service Manager, ImageSource, Inc.

Answering Your Technical Questions About Scanners and Scanning Software

  • What information do I need before calling the Crowley support line?

    For the quickest response, we recommend submitting this form. If you prefer to call first, please have the following information available when contacting The Crowley Company technical support team:

    • Equipment type (brand, model)
    • Equipment serial number (see below)
    • Software name and version
    • Physical address of the equipment
    • Detailed description of any errors or what the operator was doing when the error occurred
    • Sample images, if available
    • Contact information
  • Where can I find my scanner’s serial number?

    If you have an equipment maintenance agreement, it will be listed on the front page. Otherwise, you may find the number on a metal tag on the back of your microform, document or large-format scanner, processor or duplicator.

  • What is my software serial number?

    Your software serial number is the same as your scanner serial number, which can be found on a metal tag at the back of your equipment or on the front page of your equipment maintenance agreement.

  • How do I know if I have a maintenance agreement?

    Maintenance agreements are generally contracted at the time of purchase and renewed on an annual basis. If you would like to initiate or renew a maintenance contract or to find out details of a current agreement, please contact support@thecrowleycompany.com.

  • Can I really save money by purchasing an extended warranty or maintenance agreement?

    In every case, an extended warranty or maintenance agreement allows for cost savings, although it may be more obvious in certain instances. In the case of a depot warranty, the owner is only responsible for shipping costs. With an on-site maintenance agreement, regularly scheduled service ensures that your scanning equipment or software is in peak operating condition, allowing for maximum return on investment.

  • How long will it take for someone to repair my scanner/software?

    As you might expect, each case is an individual basis. When your service call or email is first received, it is immediately discussed with our service department manager and scheduled with the technician who is best suited to the particular scanner model, software release or technical task. Within 24 hours – and often sooner – you will be contacted with specific details.

  • Can I request a specific technical support representative by name?

    We are pleased to know when one of our technicians provides exceptional support. We try to honor requests whenever possible, but please note that there are times when their specific expertise may be needed elsewhere or the technician cannot get to you in a timely manner. Your productivity is our first priority.

  • Why do you have a service agreement with certified third-party vendors?

    To complement The Crowley Company's in-house technical support division, we partner with certified third-party vendors to provide the fastest possible turnaround time for U.S. customers needing routine maintenance and repairs. Technicians are trained and certified on Crowley's manufactured and distributed hardware including Mekel Technology, Wicks and Wilson, InoTec, Zeutschel and others. From the client perspective, nothing changes – The Crowley Company is still your point of contact.

  • Other than tru 600 dpi x 600 dpi optical resolution at full A2 and A1 sizes, what other advantages does the 14000-series have over the 12000-series Zeutschel book/large-format scanners?

    In addition to improved lighting, camera and optics, the 14000-series Zeutschel units are at least twice as fast, offer bi-directional scanning to again increase throughput, offer interchangeable table/book cradle designs and offer parallel scanning and saving due to 64-bit technology and multi-threading. With the 14000-series’ 64-bit technology, an operator does not have to wait for a file to save before starting the next scan. Therefore, scan time + save time (usually referred to as cycle time), is truly only scan time, making for a very fast system. The overhead unit on the 14000-series moves over the entire document whereas the overhead unit on the 12000-series is fixed, using a mirror in the image path to capture the whole document. The 14000-series is also designed for higher-volume scanning with enhanced effective resolution, accuracy and image quality. The 14000-series Zeutschel scanners were selected by the U.S. National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) for their ability to meet and/or exceed NARA’s high quality and throughput requirements.

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