[Kris] also did a very thorough job with the ins and outs of how the scanner works and how it applies to the maintenance required to keep the scanner producing the highest quality documents.

- Greg Schiedler, Systems Analyst and Applications Specialist, Lower Kuskokwim School District (Alaska)

Offering a Variety of Warranty Options for Scanning and Camera Equipment

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The Crowley Company is pleased to offer several warranty options on new, used or leased scanners and cameras that have been manufactured or distributed by Crowley or Crowley Micrographics through the years.

These options include:

Scanning and Camera Equipment Warranties

Standard Equipment Warranty

Within the U.S., typically includes a 90-day warranty on parts, labor, shipping, on-site visits as necessary, 24-hour response time, and priority scheduling.

Annual Equipment Maintenance Agreement

Typically includes scheduled maintenance visits (number varies by product) and ensures 24-hour response time with priority scheduling. Also covers phone support, non-consumable parts, labor, travel, and shipping (when necessary).

Note: For equipment maintenance outside of the U.S., please contact your dealer.

Depot Warranty

Similar to a factory service warranty; typically includes 24-hour response time, priority scheduling and shipping, and parts and labor at one of our Crowley facilities.

For more information or a quote on warranties or maintenance agreements, please email contracts@thecrowleycompany.com.