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On-Demand Library Solutions

On-Demand Library Solutions

zeta Book Copy System
• UScan Universal Film Scanner Series
• OS 15000 Scanner
• 12002 Book Scanner and Copy System

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Today's public, private and academic libraries call for a wide variety of on-demand and archival capture units. Walk-up patrons require ease of use, high image quality and flexible output options - all of which are offered by Crowley's scanner and book copy offerings. All units below are ILL-compatible. Proven cost-savings can be seen in reduced media damage, low/no toner fees and the addition of pay-per-use options.

The zeta

zeta scanner The zeta marries legendary Zeutschel engineering with affordability and is the ideal multi-functional system for digital copying. Operators can literally unpack, plug in and begin to capture a wide variety of materials up to 19x14 inches: historical and new books; magazines; files; ring binders; contracts; balance sheets; engineering plans and more. Offering a preview option on the high-resolution touch screen, the zeta delivers high-quality data to email, USB, FTP or printer. With its small footprint, academic libraries around the globe are turning to the zeta as their primary walk-up scanner for patrons.

The UScan Universal Film Series

Manufactured by Crowley's Wicks and Wilson division, the UScan UF-Series is a walk-up scanner/reader/printer for microfilm, microfiche, micro-cards and photographic slides/negatives. The UScan UF-Series features include:

UScan DM finalist
  • On-demand multi-format scanning
  • USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 interfaces available
  • Ability to scan, print or save in color, bi-tonal or grayscale
  • RapidScan option for automatic advance and frame detection
  • One-button instant capture
  • Touch screen interface
  • Direct output to searchable text (OCR)
  • Whisper-quiet operation

The OS 15000

zeutschel omniscan 15000 book scannerThe OS15000 utilizes Zeutschel’s respected Omniscan software to create a convenient scanning solution for archives, libraries, museums and universities and provides the ability to put important collections online. Sophisticated operators will enjoy the ease of use, performance, careful scanning and cost-performance ratio. Equipped with a custom book cradle that enables scans of large format books and documents up to A3+ data from the OS 15000 can be output to all standard image formats.

The OS 12002

Zeutschel OS 12002 book scannerThe Zeutschel OS 12002 color and grayscale models are ideal for patron use and back-office/archival preservation in an A2 size designed to scan large-format books, newspapers, documents and maps. This overhead unit is gentler on original materials than traditional copy systems and offers low light emission and an adjustable book cradle. Fast and efficient, the 12002 can also be fitted with a pay-per-use system.

For information on higher-volume/larger-format back-office archival capture units, please visit our website, fill out this form or call 240.215.0224. The Crowley Company also offers a full line of digital and analog conversion services and has worked with many libraries to preserve their important archives and historic collections.

Free Patron Scanner Demos

Call (240) 215 - 0224 today to speak with an expert and request a demo of Crowley's patron scanners and scanning services. Or, fill in your information below:

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