There was no formal training program and no hand-holding. You worked. You delivered. You moved on to the next project.

- Christopher Crowley, President, on how he learned the family business

About the Crowley Company

A World Leader in the Analog and Digital Imaging Industries

The Crowley Company is a unique – and to our knowledge, the only – blend of manufacturer, distributor and conversion services bureau. This dynamic combination allows Crowley to understand the complexities of archival preservation and records management from every angle, providing a competitive and technological edge that cannot be found elsewhere.

Only The Crowley Company can offer a complete range of digitization and preservation solutions for imaging technology and film processing including:

Commercial Imaging Products

The Crowley Company provides a complete array of manufactured and distributed equipment, software and supplies to meet production-level, back-office and patron imaging needs. Products include: microfilm, microfiche, document, aperture card and book and large-format scanners; microfilm processors, writers and duplicators; high-resolution cameras; document examination platforms for document security; and imaging system consulting services for advanced document capture and conversion requirements.

Our manufactured and distributed brands include:

Image Capture Digitization and Processing Services

The Crowley Company’s conversion conversion services bureau, also known as Crowley Imaging, provides leading-edge microform and document conversion and reformatting solutions to libraries, archives, publishers, government agencies and commercial clients. Digital imaging capture and conversion services include:

  • aperture card scanning – A through E
  • archive writing (film output from digital) to 16mm, 35mm and bi-tonal
  • archival preservation microfilming
  • bound-book scanning – color, bi-tonal and grayscale
  • data field indexing
  • digital document imaging
  • document and image reformatting
  • large-format scanning – newspapers, graphics, maps and charts
  • microfilm and microfiche digitizing
  • microfilm duplicating
  • photographic media digitizing – reflective photo prints and art, filmstrips, plates, slides, color and b&w negatives and color transparencies
  • sales and support of hardware and software solutions for advanced document conversion requirements

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