2,981 bags [microfilm reels] containing 704,276 images in less than six months. Pretty impressive.

- IT Specialist, a Federal library

Microfiche, Microfilm, Aperture Card Digitization

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Microfilm, Microfiche, and Aperture Card ScanningCrowley Imaging has proven to have some of the largest digitizing capacities in the industry, scanning hundreds of millions of images in just the past year. The firm has earned a positive reputation for the use of technology and expertise that allows for the conversion of even the most troublesome microfilm to a high-quality finished image.

Microform digitization capabilities include:

Aperture Card Scanning

  • MIL, ISO  and DINSilver aperture cards
  • Hollerith code capture with output to text
  • 8-bit grayscale or bi-tonal images
  • 100-400 dpi resolution
  • Output to most data formats

Microfiche Scanning

  • All standard/long jacket fiche types plus: COM; AB Dick; Ultra Fiche; Microx
  • 16mm or 35mm (or combo)
  • Positive or negative
  • Diazo, Silver, Vesicular formats
  • Duplicates
  • Bi-tonal output to: TIFF (G3, G4) and PDF (all single/multi);  PDF/A
  • Grayscale output to: uncompressed TIFF/JPEG (true 256 shades of gray); JPEG 2000; PDF (single/multi-page); PDF/A

Microfilm Scanning

  • 100’, 215’ and 1,000’ rolls; ANSI, M-types and open spools
  • 16mm and 35mm
  • Positive or negative
  • Silver, Diazo and Vesicular formats
  • Bi-tonal output to: TIFF (G3, G4) and PDF (all single/multi);  PDF/A
  • Grayscale output to: uncompressed TIFF/JPEG (true 256 shades of gray); JPEG 2000; PDF (single/multi-page); PDF/A

Output/Additional Services

  • Delivery via FTP external drives for customer post-processing
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for full text searches
  • Manual indexing

The Crowley Technology Advantage: Manufacturing

The Crowley Company opened its doors in 1980 as a distributor of micrographic equipment. Ten years later, Crowley Imaging was created to provide microfilm, microfiche and aperture scanning services. In October of 2003, The Crowley Company went one step further and acquired Mekel Technology, the leading manufacturer of high-speed production microfilm and microfiche scanners. In 2011, Crowley became the owner and manufacturer of the competitive Wicks and Wilson microform scanners.  Today, Crowley Imaging and its clients are the beneficiaries of these collaborations, which pair highly talented and experienced engineering and R&D staff with Crowley imaging and film scanning professionals. As end-users of products manufactured in-house, Crowley Imaging has the unique ability to tailor hardware or software technology to a client’s specific requirements and also affect the future of microfilm scanning and processing.

System Implementation

The Crowley programming staff has proven experience in managing data conversions. This expertise allows for final output integration into the wide array of document management solutions on the market today or into a custom solution engineered for a specific business application. Whether the needs are internal, external or for web distribution, Crowley Imaging has the capabilities to provide the needed solution to integrate digitized images into a workflow.

Hybrid Approach

Crowley’s exclusive hybrid approach to microform scanning allows clients to outsource the digitization to Crowley Imaging and process the images in-house with QuantumProcess software. Learn more.

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